Brand awareness is the most significant part of a business growth strategy. you not only want people to find your brand, but you want it to be instantly recognizable when they do. You also want them to equate certain ideas with the brand, like trust, commitment, quality and others.

At Relative Marketing Inc., our goal is to enhance any current marketing a business may have, by adding to your online business footprint and increasing brand awareness. We do this by offering a variety of services in addition to our online branding platform.

Services we offer include: web development, website upgrades and management, search engine optimization, graphics creation, server side scripting fixes for PHP, ASP and others, client side scripting in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery/AJAX and more.

Our business platform offers three profiles, the "Essentials Business Profile" which provides a web page for small businesses to advertise their company locally at no charge. The "Professional Business Profile" gives small business owners the platform to market their services or products with no advertising around their brand and a few more options not found in the "Essential Profile", such as additional listings.The "Advantage Business Profile" is our top branding profile which allows business owners to have all of the benefits of the "Professional Profile", and add video, more listings, social media links, and press releases.

Our web development starts with a variety of mobile friendly templates which enables us to not only develop a website quickly for our customers, but also gives you a host of options to choose from to represent your brand online. We can modify almost any website template to fit your needs. This includes changing style properties like color, font-family, font-size, adding images, video and more. Every website we develop is optimized for search engines off page, and if we write ad copy that is optimized as well for SEO and readability.

If you don not have a profile on our website, no problem, we offer separate SEO consultations for websites and their content, and services to assist you in adjusting your content if necessary. We also offer website migration services for business owners who need to move to a new server.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you,
Harry Doyle