Welcome to The ReliAble Living Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto. Walking distance from all the major Hospitals including Toronto Western, Mount Sinai, Princess Margaret, Sick Children’s, Woman’s College, Saint Michael’s and Toronto Rehab.

The Centre includes everything needed to enhance any building, residential or commercial, and make it Barrier Free. It also houses a training facility to educate building trades people, health care professionals and the public about accessibility standards and more.

A walk through the centre shows visitors beautifully designed, decorated and fully appointed rooms and spaces. It starts with the experience of accessing the second floor with either use of traditional stairs, an incline platform lift, a vertical platform lift or a LULA Glass elevator. All means of providing access to multiple levels are available for consideration.

Enter a mezzanine that houses a resource centre, a call centre and a working office space that fully accommodates everyone. Furnishings and technology useful to people of all abilities including those that are hearing, visually or physically challenged.

Display models integrating “State of the art” design and high quality finishings to demonstrate accessibility, achievable in any space.  Everything at the centre is available for purchase, delivery and installation.