India is vulnerable to disasters be it floods, storms, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes, snowfall or avalanches. The scale and intensity of disasters has and is increasing over the years. The present lack of an organized information system for disaster response to match needs at District, State, andNational levels with an integration of Corporates, Government and Relief agencies is required. Thus the need of the hour is to develop a supply chain management system that would connect the local Needs with available resources i.e., human, financial or products.

We make available essential disaster relief supplies including tent rental, shelter, living quarters, bunk houses, etc. For preparing food, we deliver mobile kitchens. For hospital and lab facilities, Akron Care has the solutions. For power outages, the power generators we have will give you the answers. For planning services and assistance, we have the expertise and skills.

Our products are exported to various countries like USA, Central America & Africa. We Consistently seek to satisfy our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations of quality and services .

Our ever-growing clientele, include reputed companies and relief organizations. Excellent customer service, Quality products and on time delivery is the hallmark of our company.