We help you get the longest life and greatest value from your current hardware and applications by:

Providing you with new surplus and pre-owned data center equipment upgrades, spares, and fully configured systems

Offering inexpensive extended maintenance when your OEM maintenance contracts have expired (and rates have risen dramatically)

Putting money back into the pocket of your IT budget through asset recovery or hardware rentals and leasing


Maybe you are ready to make changes in your current IT structure and would like the guidance, assistance, and even execution from experienced professionals who plan, oversee, and carry out these types of transformations on a daily basis. We can provide all that and more. Such as:

Project Management for any application, data center, disposition, or virtualization initiative 

Professionally-vetted additional temporary, project-based, or long-term staffing

Specialized IT education and training


Perhaps you are making the move to the cloud, considering a move to the cloud, or just starting to explore the benefits and challenges of cloud based IT architecture and services. This is an area where we are quickly becoming THE industry experts. We can help you with any of your cloud research, planning and virtualization execution. Such as:

Understanding where the cloud may fit into your business

Mapping out a long-term cloud migration strategy

"Discovery" of what applications and services to move when and in what order

What cloud provider best fits your needs. 

*While we are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, we do not limit our consulting to only this option. We can assist no matter your current or preferred cloud provider. 

Our goal?  Whenever you think "IT Services", you think RELUS.