“Did I Say Thousand Island?” is a love story set in the restaurant industry and has been seen all over the world. My mission WAS to get it remade to raise funds for and awareness of the water crisis which is a global issue that affects all of us, but I realize that I can't make people care about water.

But now there's a different reason. Help restaurant workers who are victims of Covid-19. Use it to raise funds to donate to established non-profits who are helping.

So why else remake it? Solely by word of mouth, it's been seen in every country in the world. It's positive, fun and timeless. It celebrates the restaurant industry, unlike movies in the past that put the industry down. It's an honest glimpse of the restaurant business which is a global industry. In the US alone, restaurants employ 15.6 million people, support 1 million restaurants, and draw in $8 billion in revenue per year. 1 in 3 Americans started their working life in restaurants and half of all Americans have worked in a restaurant at some point in their lives. (These figures are from the National Restaurant Association.)

There hasn't been a movie that celebrates this side of the industry like this movie does.