Remarkable Media Group, LLC., is a New York-based company providing sound recording and production services - both in person and online - to business clients. It operates under the name RemarkableMIX.

The company headquarters and private editing suite are located at 203 W. 148th St. #2C, New York, NY 10039. However, RemarkableMIX provides its full line of services from FLUX Studios located at 154 E. 2nd St. #4B, New York, NY 10009.


RemarkableMIX views its mission as increasing the sound recording community’s creativity as well as quality control, in order to help recording artists realize the full potential of their creative works in a record production. RemarkableMIX is dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients through reliable delivery of services, quality control and support. RemarkableMIX is committed to being known throughout the Sound Recording Industry as a leader in American record production services.


RemarkableMIX offers sound recording and production services for recording artists worldwide. The company also provides music production services, different than sound recording and production services, to a few select clients throughout the fiscal year. Services can be acquired online or on-site at FLUX Studios in downtown Manhattan.

Prior to RemarkableMIX’s strategic partnership with FLUX Studios the company was limited to the services it could offer potential clients. The most lucrative business, mixing services, was severely restricted and no recording sessions or attended mixing sessions could be offered. Nevertheless, in the six months of operation, the company conducted three (3) recording projects, eight (8) mixing projects, two (2) mastering referrals and three (3) remix projects with nine primary target clients in the local area and online for a total revenue of $9000.

In addition, despite investing no money in marketing, the company acquired a premium priced international record project which produced revenues of $4800.

The company projects deficits for the first year of operation, with income split between a salary for the president and single member Hakim Singhji and reinvestment. We anticipate that the company will be profitable by the third year. In these three years, our goal is to become the premier sound recording and production service company in New York, and to increase our market share of the online production services sector. Trends in Sound Recording, however are toward large studios with more than one sound recording engineer, so the company anticipates either forming a collective or starting a national franchise by year three.

The company has filed for the tradename RemarkableMIX, under which it does business, and to the slogan, “We Make Records.”