Remedycation was established in 2019 on the purpose of producing hospital furnitures and medical equipment, which spreads from Izmir to Turkey, from Turkey to the world step by step in the sector.

Remedycation; It started to serve with its experienced and expert staff, focused on patient satisfaction and a service understanding that makes a difference in the health sector. Remedycation It provides health services to 125 countries around the world. Continuing its investments in the health sector, Remedycation with the year 2020, it continues with steps towards its targets.

Fixed principles of the firm have been quality products, systematic working, qualified service, delivery in time and affordable prices. It has proved to its customers that it values the quality product with its quality certificates and it received recompense with its exports to more than 95 countries.

Remedycation proceeds to the future with firm steps with its dynamic working team, its product range increasing day by day and its developing machine park.

We strive to provide hospital equipment, medical equipment planning and project planning and solution suggestions for high-tech hospitals, clinics and structures.