Remember My Service (RMS) Productions (www.RememberMyService.com ) is the only full-service multi-media production and traditional publication house to bring innovative, premium historical Commemoratives to the Military. RMS Productions is also a full service video and digital productions house. RMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of StoryRock (founded in 1998), the leading provider of digital content management technology for both interactive and print output for private consumer use. In the past year, RMS produced premium commemoratives (DVD-ROM and hardbound book) for over 150,000 Service members in the National Guard, Navy, and Army.

Description of Historical Commemorative most often requested by Military Commands:

•     High-quality, full-color hardbound “coffee table” book with DVD-ROM, specific to the Command history, past and present
•     DVD-ROM with up to 10,000 digital pages including:  photos, text, documents, PDFs, newsletters, news articles, news broadcasts; hours of video including interviews from Service members, family members, and messages from leadership in the entire chain of command; weblinks to relevant websites; names of each Service member, with Bio pages (unclassified information such as awards, education, interests)
•     The interactive record is divided into three sections, Legacy, Leadership and Life:
-Legacy includes the history of the Unit and Division; “In the News” contains all newsletters, press releases, media articles and broadcasts, annual reports; Unit lineage includes “Awards and Honors” and “In Memoriam” sections;
-Leadership includes a complete interactive Chain of Command for the entire Branch of Service through the Unit featured in the service record; all leaders have their photos, bios, and video messages
-Life contains the most content with a detailed look at what the Unit does, including training, deployment, objectives, returning home, and video interviews with Service members and families; typically this section is several hundred pages and includes photos, videos, documents, VIP briefings, etc.

RMS Productions also specializes in recruiting and legacy video production, including all pre and post production work.