Reminis Consulting is a unique consulting company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Reminis started as a recruiting agency but has evolved to offer "full employment cycle" products and services in reaction to the economy.  Now, Reminis helps job seekers present their best qualifications and helps recruiters and employers who need them.

Reminis offers a free, comprehensive resume critique that provides honest feedback on your resume.  The checklist we developed has over 100 questions on it, but you'll be provided only the information we think will help you improve your resume. If your resume is great as-is, we’ll tell you so.  If we think you would benefit from one or more of our services, we’ll tell you that too.  There is no commitment or cost for the critique, and we won’t hound you to purchase our services.  

We provide professional resume writing services, including packages or individual products geared toward Entry-Level, Mid-Level or Executive-Level job hunters.  We also offer additional writing services, such as Bios, LinkedIn Profiles, or just about anything you could need in your job search.

We offer Resources in the form of EBooks available for purchase for a very modest price, often only around $10.  Purchases are processed through PayPal (no PayPal account is needed to purchase our products) and are downloadable immediately after purchase.

Reminis also offers links to some tools we believe will be helpful to our audience.  We've thoroughly researched these companies and trust their services.  We provide links for drug testing and background checks, resume distribution, virtual receptionists, 1-800 numbers, fax capabilities, etc.  We even offer access to a national Job Board for job searching or for posting open requirements.  

We also offer website building or “Branding” services.  We offer these sites via two methods. First, we have a partner company that offers templates that are complete, easy to use sites that can be purchased from us. Our partner then customizes the site for you. These sites can easily be operational in a matter of days.

We also offer fully-customizable sites for those who want to present a unique, professional image or need specialized functionality.  We can build a new site, repair or add to your existing site, or add a multitude of additional functions to your site, including surveys, RSS feeds, contact forms, blogs, etc.

We offer a multitude of products and services that can simplify your business and your life. We offer Recruiting EBooks, often priced at about $10, that contain a wealth of information that will help make you more efficient and increase your bottom line.  Future EBooks will focus on subjects such as Boolean Searches, Best Practices, Forms, Scripts, Business Plans, and just about anything else you can think of.

Reminis also posts a growing list of Available Candidates we believe offer specific, hard to find skills.  These are candidates you won’t find on any job board or Boolean Search, candidates who oftentimes have contacted me directly to assist them in their search, utilized our resume writing services, are passive candidates, or are secretly searching and don’t want their current employers to know.  You may also find candidates with active Security Clearances or specific skills that may have been acquired as either a member of the military or as a military contractor.  We charge a modest fee for these candidates and will also work with recruiters on “Splits”.

Reminis also offers Recruiting Services to Employers. Our key differentiator lies in the education, training, background and experience of our recruiters and our vast network.  

Reminis can perform virtually any service on your website. We can increase your visibility through the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques, add a blog, contact forms, animation, videos, a Content Management System, Newsletter distribution systems, etc.

At Reminis, we have developed hundreds of professional websites for businesses just like yours. Our web designers can provide a complete solution so you can focus on your everyday business. Whether it is Website Design, Website Development, Ecommerce, Print Design or Database Development we are here to support all of your technical needs. Most of our websites are fully automated and easily managed. We specialize in everything a small business needs to succeed online, web design to affordable marketing services. Our most popular services are listed below.

•    Professional Website Design
•    Website Development Services
•    Internet Marketing (PPC Management, SEO, Banner Ads)
•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Ecommerce Website Design & Shopping Carts
•    Web Hosting