Guess what! We’ve made sending money to your loved ones abroad even easier… With even smaller fees.

Remitbee’s goal has always been to reduce the cost of sending money abroad for everyone. When we save money with our payment processors we pass on those savings to those who matter most... Our customers!

We understand that sometimes the best way to send money is in smaller amounts as you get paid and that your loved ones depend on fast transfers. In this case, funding your account via Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit is both fast and convenient, that’s why we’ve crushed the fees for them. We are now offering the LOWEST debit card fees in all of Canada.

New Fees for Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit

Transfer Amount Visa Debit/Mastercard Debit Fees

$10 - $100 : $2.99

$100 - $300 : $4.99

$300 - $500 : $6.99

$500+ : $8.99+

As always all transfers over $500 are free via the Remitbee Wallet but this update makes sending transfers under $500 through Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit more economical. https://www.remitbee.com/our-fees

Difference between EFT, Bill payment and E-transfer?

With Bill payment and E-transfer you need to login to your bank to send us the funds. With EFT (direct debit), we directly withdraw funds from your bank which removes the hassle of you having to log in to your bank. Connect your bank with us once, and then send money with just 3 clicks!

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RemitBee is a worldwide money transfer and mobile money company specialized in online money transfer. Its a convenient and user friendly service in which customers can send money online using their web browsers, tablets and mobile phones. Remitbee's goal is to end the ridiculous high cost of sending money overseas by cutting out the middleman or money transfer “agents” and sending money straight from customers to bank accounts and cash accounts worldwide. Remitbee is currently serving customers in Canada. We currently send money to 50 countries and more to come over the next few months