Remote Consulting USA provides mainframe and Unix/Linux Intranet and Internet applications and systems development services using qualified senior applications developers and systems analysts with over 25 years  experience in the information technology industry.  The array of their expertise includes but is not limited to; systems design and analysis, project management, project leadership, coding, testing, quality assurance and implementation.

Detail oriented with an extensive working knowledge of logical and physical mainframe and  Unix/Linux computing environments, Remote Consulting USA adheres to IT standards for SDLC and complies with CMMI and ISO standards, policies and procedures for development. Our staff comes well versed in application and systems development in the mainframe environment and the Unix/Linux Intranet and Internet environments using industry standard programming languages and tools to make your business solutions successful.

Whether you’re developing new application systems to deliver a specific business solution or moving your current application systems from one environment or platform to another, we have the tools and expertise to help you complete your development objectives on time and under budget.

With a pool of tenured IT professional application developers and systems analysts, we are able to find and secure the right talent to work on your business objectives whose skills, experience and expertise are directly applicable to the tasks required to make your projects successful.

Our organization has been founded on IT industry standards and industry ‘best practices’ established  over the last 25 years of application and systems development.  We believe in adhering to the latest  CMMI and ISO policies and procedures for application development and strictly enforce the industry  standards for SDLC (systems development life cycle).  We feel this is the only way we can provide  the exceptional level of professional development that we deliver to our clients.    

Our mission stategy is simple -  Deliver enterprise class business solutions through the development of world class applications  and system integrations that increase our client’s chances for success.  

Our pledge to you is concrete -  We will do whatever it takes to deliver the solutions you need in order to maximize your  business potential and do so in a manner that dramatically increases your ROI (return on  investment) for development and implementation.  

We look forward to working with you to make your company’s solutions come to life