The Rempleo community, serving more than 25,000 physiotherapists

Rempleo is a mobile community of liberal physical therapists allowing to exchange on replacements, assistantships, collaborations and salaried positions.

An idea born in 2018 from the association of a physiotherapist and two engineers, in the midst of the reform of physiotherapy studies, Rempleo is a project that has matured to turn resolutely towards accessibility and simplicity, in order to correspond to the needs of mobile and overworked health professionals.

Two fundamental missions still guide Rempleo :
to allow physiotherapists to take a break from their work while ensuring continuity of care for patients
to allow replacement physiotherapists to easily and freely find the position that will motivate them the most on a daily basis

The application, available for free on iOS and Android, is used in France and in the French overseas departments and territories. Although metropolitan France dominates the requests, Mayotte, Reunion and Guadeloupe are also attractive areas for the most adventurous physiotherapists.

After a dynamic year in 2020 both in terms of enriching its functionalities and acquiring new users, the Rempleo community started 2021 with more than 25,000 liberal physiotherapists.

This growth is accompanied by the team's dedicated commitment to the physical therapist community, with a renewed presence on social networks (and their instant messaging) and new features to facilitate the connection of professionals, resulting in over 12,000 matches and nearly 60,000 messages exchanged.

In order to further facilitate the professional life of the physical therapist community and wishing to continue to work for the French Medtech, the Rempleo community is now joining forces with other players in the digital and physical therapy ecosystem. This partnership program, launched in early 2021, aims to offer a range of services dedicated to physiotherapists to make their practice more comfortable and allow them to focus their time with patients on their care.

In addition to this ambitious project, the growth of the community remains a priority: indeed, the more physiotherapists are present on the platform, the more efficient the service will be, especially the free contact for replacements, the historical feature of the Rempleo application.

To find the application for free: app.rempleo.fr