We are a big constantly growing family of video lovers and creative individuals who believe that video is the future of marketing. Over 3 million people used our video creation platform to create their projects online and they have already created over 5 million videos with the help of Renderforest.

We simply have one mission: to make broadcast quality video production affordable and available for everyone. A few years ago creating animated scenes and high-quality video advertisements cost a lot of money and startups or small businesses couldn’t afford the expensive promotion.

As we had a clear vision that video marketing is the future of successful marketing, we aimed to create a platform that would automatically make professional promo videos in minutes and provide businesses and individuals with high-grade content.
Now you can create any kind of video content with the help of our 400+ customizable video templates with minimal effort. Our team has worked hard to guarantee your professional result!

We believe that our multipurpose video templates are great helping tools for startups who want to talk about their product, service or business in an interactive way. As well as for individuals they are a great opportunity to make better videos messages and slideshows.