‘The Irish Facebook’?

RendezVous353 is an Internet-based, Global, Irish, Business and Social Network.

It has been created to help make a tangible and positive impact for Irish people in Ireland and worldwide, during these uniquely difficult and challenging times. It utilises the technology of Social Media to do what the Irish have always done very well; which is to Network.

It helps with:

     Finding Work at Home and Abroad
     Assisting young Graduates gain experience abroad
     Emigrating or Travelling
     Making Business and Social Connections
     Promoting their Businesses

RendezVous353 Founders, Richard O’Donnell and Terry McLoughlin established the Network in February 2010, as they observed from their own firsthand experience that many ‘traditional’ systems which prevailed prior to the current global crisis have proven to be inadequate in dealing with our new circumstances.

Having successfully launched in New York and London last year, Australia and Canada are the next priorities.

RendezVous353 has recently begun a partnership with the Irish Times owned; ireland.com .This is a nice match between their Global Irish Business & Social Network and the Definitive Guide to what’s on in Ireland.

The folks at RendezVous353 are also very proud to have The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as their Charity Partner.

We are grateful to the Department of Foreign Affairs for their continued support in promoting our network throughout their extensive outreach of Embassies and Consular offices, worldwide.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Irish Facebook’, RendezVous353 is proving to be particularly popular with the 25-55 age-groups and is more business oriented than other social networks. In its first year the Network received an average of 80,000 visits per month...

Has there ever been a better time for the Irish to help each other?