How to Choose the Right Car Rental Company
The car rental market in Romania has benefited from a visible growth, which is why the number of car rental companies has grown from a few dozen to several hundred in recent years.

What does this mean for the client?

  "Various offer

  "More options in terms of machine classes

  "More locations / delivery points from which you can retrieve the car

What should we be careful about?

PRICE! Although the same car you will find at 10 different companies with 10 different prices, the temptation to choose the most cost-effective option, it does not mean in most cases that you have made the best deal.

  "The price on the site, in most situations, is not the price you will benefit from.

Any company has a fixed work schedule, which means that any take-over or handover of the machine outside the hours of the program is accompanied by a fee.

  "Fuel, machine level, color is not confirmed! If you infer that it is equipped with navigation, air conditioning, automatic pilot and engine" TSI "(gasoline) on the site, in the presentation pictures of a car, it is not The GPS, baby chair, Wi-fi have a per-day charge per day.

never pay all advance rent or advances larger than 100 euro unless you know the company or agent handling your reservation

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be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions imposed by the company and always ask for additional telephone clarifications in case of any doubt, especially regarding the warranty left over the contact period

do not rush to book the cheapest   offer "often can hide additional costs related to the rental itself or exaggerated guarantees, which eventually make it more expensive than the offers you initially thought to be larger

document the company's reputation, when it's on the market, what reviews have written about other customers about it, what is the work schedule, what is the size of the fleet, and how easy it is to find the location

if you made an on-line reservation, you must be confirmed by your agent   "by mail or phone; do not rely on web applications without firm confirmation of the requested car / price / date

Here's why you need to keep in mind when you want to rent a car:

1. The number of passengers traveling with that car rental car. If the trip is in two, rent a small, economical car. If you are traveling with family or friends, then we recommend a more spacious car, so enjoy the comfort of the car.

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2. What is the reason for the trip, the period and the locality? A slower car is recommended for heavy traffic in Bucharest, so you can get better between the other cars and for the quickest parking. If you are going to an important event, we recommend renting a premium class car to meet the standards. If you take a mountain trip, we strongly recommend an SUV car to be quiet about safe travel in a region with harder roads accessible to a regular car.

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3. The itinerary you will be going through. Depending on the number of kilometers you expect to travel, you can choose a more convenient car, as long as you travel a greater distance.

4. If you do not know the recommended route is to ask your car rental company and a GPS to get to the desired location.

You need to keep in mind several things to be convinced that the car rental company you've stopped is the best choice.