Topvision is   integrates R/D, manufacturing and marketing of LED led display for below model:

1.Led display for project application

  outdoor full color RGB LED display  PH10/PH12/PH14/ph16(2R1G1B)/PH16(1R1G1B)/PH20

   Indoor full color  SMD LED display PH4/PH5/PH6/PH7.62/PH8/PH10/PH12

   outdoor SMD LED display PH8/PH10/PH16

2. LED display for rental application (typical topvision product)

   indoor SMD LED disply cabinet  PH6/PH7.62/T6/TX4/TX10

   outdoor full color GRB LED display PH10/PH14/PH16/PH20

   outdoor fullcolor SMD LED display PH8/PH10/PH16

   hanging led display cabinet(adopt kingpin & rigging system)

3. Irregular shaped LED display

   bar shape LED display PH40/PH50/PH62.5

   curved LED screen PH17.778/PH18

4. LED video wall PH12.5/PH15/PH18.75/PH18/PH20/PH31.25/PH37.5

5. Outdoor sport perimeter LED display PH16/PH20