You are moving and you have decided to do it yourself.  There are many reasons why you may be thinking about a (DIY) “do it yourself “ move.  Perhaps you have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with full-service movers in the past and are dreading the thought of doing. Rented Truck Driver will drive your Penske truck for your DIY move.

Full-service movers are very often less than honest when it comes to price, and timing of delivery.  There are almost always hidden charges that were mysteriously left out of the original quote.  If you don't pay these additional charges your belongings are held hostage until you come up with the extra hundreds or even thousands of dollars that were added to your quote.

The ten days that were promised for delivery will often turn into 30 days when it comes to actually delivering your belongings to your new home. Movers always consider cost-effective logistics first, their needs are before your needs. What you may not know, is that your belongings are most likely not the only items on the moving truck and are offloaded several times during the move.  During an average move, your stuff may land on three or four different trucks, and a couple of warehouses before it gets to you. Full-Service movers will not drive one mile to help you if it is not cost-effective for them.

Unbeknownst to you, often the different trucks and locations your belongings hitch a ride with will be with different companies, not the one you originally hired.  There is no transparency, you can't even be sure who was involved with your move, this makes it very difficult to get reimbursed if any of your belongings are lost, stolen, or broken.

You may think that POD like companies may be the right way to go, but before you make the move to POD or other providers please check the Better Business Bureau to review the ever-growing list of complaints. People consistently complain that these companies often charge their credit cards, months after their move has been completed.

They also complain that these POD like companies often schedule your delivery so late that you are charged for another full month of rental fees.  Think about it, you are waiting eagerly to get your items, the POD holds on to them and then since they rent by the month, they charge you more for the inconvenience they have caused you; talk about being outraged.  Remember, that if you go the POD route, there is an additional delivery charge to get your POD delivered to you.

Have a headache just thinking about this?  Don't despair there is another option, Rented Truck Driver.  Perhaps you have heard of this if you haven't let me explain.  You, in essence, hire a driver to drive the truck you have rented (Penske, UHaul, etc.).

You meet the driver, and will have direct phone access to him throughout the move; you will always know where your precious items are in the transport process, and when they will arrive at your doorstep.  There are no hidden fees.  When you call Rented Truck Driver you are given a quote and all costs are explained up front.

We are not a moving company; we are a service that provides professional vetted truck drivers. You load the truck or have local movers to help service load it for you. Then, we drive your rented truck so you don’t have to. DIY moving has now become so simple and cost-effective. Often the combination of your rented truck and our drivers result in a price that is half of full service moving companies and so much more stress-free. See how cost-effective Rented truck Driver can be for your next DIY move.