Rent It Today is focused on becoming the best resource for all your rental needs. Our goal is to make the renting experience easy for individuals looking for something to rent, while making it affordable for companies or investors to market their rentals.

Our mission statement is "Renting Has Never Been This Simple!" We started our business because marketing our house rentals in the newspaper cost to much. Our dedication to create a "One Central Location" for everyone's rental needs is evolving daily. Rent It Today's philosophy is to brand the Rent It Today name and educate the world that Renting isnt just "Real Estate or Cars". Everything is for rent in today's world. People can enjoy the finest items and services for a fraction of the cost.

Rent It Today believes in providing our customers with the "WOW" factor. Our website is designed to be simple and fun for visitors while exposing all types of rental categories to potential renters. Each rental category is designed to cross reference other rental categories so prospects will entertain other rentals. Perfect example is vacation properties. When someone books a vacation on our site, Rent It Today makes suggestions such as : Do you need Beach Chairs, Baby Equipment Rentals, Linen Rentals or how about a Luxury Automobiles to rent? 

We strive to grow your business. When a prospect is interested in your rental they have direct real-time contact with you by : Email, Phone, Fax, Your Website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin and more. With each rental listing added our site creates 2 "Relevant" backlinks to your website. This is excellent for SEO purposes and finally we make it affordable to list your rentals. Whether you have one listing or thousands of listings we have affordable packages to help grow your business today.

We are a content based business, meaning "Data" is king in our world! Rent It Today wants to list anything and everything for rent. If we do not have a category for your rental, we'll create it! If you have a category suggestion please email feedback@rentittoday.com

Rent It Today believes in forming alliances and utlizing other rental resources to help promote available rental listings while branding Rent It Today.com. Current partnerships are with RentBits, Base-Google, RentHousesNow, oodle, Vast and several other top performing marketing websites. Rent It Today also owns 100+ industry specific domain names for specific rental categories. In the next 3 to 6 months Rent It Today will launch these websites to increase customers rental exposure. 

Are you in the Rental Industry and want to learn more about marketing your rental on Rent It Today's website? Contact us at sales@rentittoday.com and a sales professional will be with you shortly. Please include the best contact phone number and your website so we can help your business grow.

Renting Has Never Been this Simple!
Rent It Today provides rental companies and individuals an affordable way to market and advertise their rental items. The attractive and easy-to-use website creates a rich experience for potential renters to browse through rental listings. Our ability to cross market between complementary rental industries and service providers gives us an incredible and unique niche.