Mareeba Property Management, the new name and the new direction for the old Mareeba First National.
In this day and age if you want to do a job to the best of your abilities you must specialize and for us it meant transferring the sale department to a different office.
It was a hard decision to take, a lot of people have relied on us to sell their property and it was difficult to make that step. Together with the listing  our valued and tireless sales agent, has now left to join another specialized Real Estate, The Sibi Girgenti Group . Like us they “specialize” in one segment of the market without distractions.
It’s a bold step, one that, we are very confident will be beneficial for our landlord and tenants.
The facts are that most residential and commercial investment properties are managed by “traditional” Real Estate agencies whose core business and main focus is selling properties not managing them, the bottom line is that you cannot offer an outstanding Property Management Service if you don’t focus 100% on it and being the best in the field.
Why would you put your investment and your future in the hands of someone who is not a specialist,  it’s like having  the local take-away shop organize you wedding and 200 guests, sure, they know food basics but wouldn’t you feel much more comfortable asking a catering specialist to do the job? Of course you would!!
We are the specialist rental agency in Mareeba , it’s all we do. Look after your investment property.
In the coming weeks and months we will be introducing some innovative programs and procedures, the likes of which Mareeba has never seen before.
We are saying goodbye to Mareeba First National and a big Hello to Mareeba Property Management “Your Local Rental Specialist”.