Rent.solar is a startup based in Minnesota that developes and specializes in mobile, towable, solar energy stations (nanogrids).  We provide temporary clean, solar power as a service.  Our solar trailers and solar shelters are rented to festivals, construction sites, catering companies, and any other event that would otherwise run on gas-guzzling generators.

To create a more sustainable enterprise, we’ve adopted a cost-sharing approach, working with community partners who rent our solar trailers and shelters when they are not being deployed to support those who need our help.  Working with rent.solar means you support our mission, and that of our sibling organization, Footprint project (www.footprintproject.org).

Community partners typically fall into one, or more, of the following categories:

Off-Grid Events - Organizations who use generators (e.g. outdoor event organizers, construction companies, etc) and would like to use clean energy instead.

Disaster Responders - Organizations who provide immediate relief and long-term recovery assistance for communities affected by climate disasters

Advocates and Sponsors - Social responsibility partners who commit to supporting our collective push towards renewable energy, disaster resilience, and environmental sustainability.

Please see link below to one of our corporate sponsors whose ongoing joint marketing campaign to their customer base supports our disaster relief efforts.