Amy Hawkes Repke brings over 20 years of professional experience to REPS Consulting.  As an accomplished communications professional, Amy serves as CEO of REPS Consulting, LLC and provides clients with an array of marketing and public relations services to garner increased exposure and enhance corporate messaging.

REPS Consulting, LLC offers a wide variety of marketing and communications services some of which include developing strategic communication plans, creating integrated marketing programs and implementing public relations and social media campaigns.

Earlier in Amy's career, she spent 15 years working as a television writer and producer, working for publications such as USA TODAY, Fox News Channel's Special Report with Bret Baier and local television stations around the country.  As an award-winning broadcast and print professional, Amy leverages her clients by applying extensive knowledge of story selection criteria to secure earned media and promotion. Amy’s past and present clients have been featured in national news broadcasts as well as print and online publications.

In addition to media, Amy has enjoyed a successful marketing and business development career.  As a director for REPS & Associates, Amy perfected her skills as company spokesperson, establishing strong community relations initiatives and positioning herself as an industry sales leader.  Corporate clients included Sterno Fuel, Sysco and U.S. Foodservice.  Amy earned praise and awards for her ability to identify new business opportunities and meet objectives to expand market share by strategic brand promotion, social media and customer service.
Amy holds a B.A. in Communications from Old Dominion University and is currently pursuing a M.A. in Strategic Public Communication from American University.