Reppify is a social referral platform that aggregates and leverages employees’ social connections to redefine talent sourcing and sales lead generation. Reppify Talent is the flagship product, helping companies achieve results and growth in referral hiring while reducing overall recruiting spend and increasing candidate quality. Referrals have been proven to show the lowest cost/hire and fastest sourcing method, 30% lower termination rates, and 25% more profitability than any other source of hire. As a result, the industry has set a goal of driving referral hiring to 50% of all hires (up from 15-20% today). Reppify provides the technology platform that can enable these results.

Employees and recruiters can see the best matches from social connections against open jobs at their company, in real-time. Users can validate interest with the candidate, rate matches, and subscribe to top new matches. Reppify’s analytics layer provides key candidate metrics such as Match to Job and Readiness to Leave, giving important intelligence to help users make the most successful and relevant referrals. Launched in partnership with Amazon, Reppify Rewards gives companies the ability to provide real-time, customizable incentives to employees for qualified Referrals.

Reppify was founded by in 2009 and has 50 employees across San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Delhi. Reppify has been covered in top business & technology publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Wired, including features in “How to Launch a Billion Dollar Startup on a Shoestring” (Forbes). Bill Kutik, Human Resource Executive Magazine & Founder of the HR Tech Conference, wrote, “…What these companies are doing — Reppify stands out from the crowd — is all the work for employees.” Reppify also enjoys strategic partnerships and integrations with leading software companies including Oracle, IBM, and Salesforce.