At Reputeen our goal in life is to protect and enhance the reputations of teenagers and young adults as they embark on college, new jobs, and things that matter in life, where the barrier  or access to entry is your character.  We have seen firsthand how the world of social media, personal videos, pictures and the internet turn into minefields that end up in search results long after the "I was stupid" apologies fade away.

After working with thousands of clients and their families, we believe more than ever that single events do not define individuals. At Reputeen, we offer a variety of services both ongoing and when needed that create and publish content of all types that maximizes the good and minimizes the bad in search results. Think of us as your private and personal public relations firm that makes absolutely certain that everyone knows about the great things about you and your incredible gifts and accomplishments. You are wonderfully made.

When you become a client, every interaction is completely confidential. We go through an extraordinary process to protect calls, names, emails, texts and any exchange of information so that we are fixing old messes and not creating new ones.  Give us a call at 678-740-9476.  We can also help those over the age of 18 with our Repuscan product.