At Rescued Church no one will be left behind. Our purpose is to create a non-traditional worship environment full of prayer, praise and God's word. Rescued Church is a safe haven for those that have been wounded, abused and rejected. Rescued Church is set apart with the opportunity to provide an environment where God, worship, word, technology, and teaching sets precedence without being judgmental. The ultimate goal is to thrust people into their destiny. Rescued Church equips people with Biblical tools needed for living a rescued life. RC is not just another church but a movement powered by oneness: 1 God, 1 Church, 1 Family, 1 Love.  Rescued Church is a brilliant way to show God’s unconditional love in a practical way. Jesus and jeans are welcome! The atmosphere is welcoming and the messages are dynamic. Grab a family member, neighbor, or even a stranger and head to Rescued Church at St. Louis University Campus, IL Monastero Building, 3050 Olive Street, St Louis, MO, 63103 at 10:30 a.m.

Be encouraged, be inspired and join the movement!

For more information about the movement, visit the website rescuedchurch.com, text the word “RESCUED” to 313131

Send all correspondence to: Rescued Church, P.O. Box #411064, St. Louis, MO 63141

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