About Research48
Founded in 2014, Research48 is a data driven market research and management consulting firm. We work on customized reports on market intelligence, talent pool, growth prospects, competitive landscape and forecasts across geographies in four key industries primarily focuses on upcoming technologies in IT and Telecom sectors.
We are known for our perceptive analysts, accurate forecasts, and quickly adapting to market changes. Our analysts, who have rich experience in the consulting industry, are some of the most influential in the business, advising some of the well known brands globally.
We have team of experienced, multi-lingual market and research analysts from the U.S., Europe and India.
About TechBitzz
Founded in 2014, TechBitzz is our technology news and analysis blog that covers IoTs, wearables, Mobile devices and Cloud market extensively.
Techbitzz has been successful in providing the best insightful news in the technology space with the writers having rich industry experience and experts in consulting some of the big names in industry.
The blog has mostly the subscriber base in US and parts of Europe.