If you’re involved in problem-solving within your organisation, you’ll be familiar with spending time searching online for answers, solutions and suppliers. Typically, once the business problem or challenge is identified, a solution is sought, requirements are defined and a supplier selected.

Sounds simple, but with enterprise technology purchasing decisions, this journey is seldom linear or sequential – instead, it’s often complex, involving multiple internal stakeholders and prolonged over several months.

And there’s a lot of back and forth, sharing research, consensus gathering, feasibility studies, discussions, demos, trials and so on.

It’s not unusual in today’s B2B world that 60% – 90% of this independent activity takes place before buyers reach out to salespeople at prospective suppliers.

So what’s the problem?

The reality is this research process can be frustrating and draining for those tasked with it. The sheer volume of information out there on any given topic is overwhelming.

The problem for buyers is neither a lack of information nor the quality of what is available; there’s simply too much high-quality information to be easily managed.

It’s also often difficult to assess if a piece of content is relevant to your needs until you’ve invested time in consuming it. And if you get that far, you’ll often have had to repetitively complete unnecessarily long forms to access it.

Not exactly what you’d call a great user experience for all involved.

At researchHQ these are problems we have set out to address. We’re on a mission to significantly improve the experience that B2B buyers have when researching technology solutions.

Using a mix of machine learning and human curators, we’re bringing together the most valuable content on each tech topic that includes thought leadership, analysts, subject matter experts and vendor-related content.

Our initial focus is on cybersecurity and cloud computing-related topics, with additional business technology areas to follow.