As cliche as it may sound, an effective SEO consultant is driven by passion.

While best practices exist, the field of SEO is bit shrouded in mystery to the general public. Some of the foremost experts in the field weren't born in a classroom. True ability is forged from experience -- hard-won lessons, countless nights of experimentation and tedious analysis of successes and failures.

I’ve architected strategies and driven rankings for hundreds of clients, from Fortune 50 retailers, to behemoths in the travel space, to small to mid-size firms in almost any vertical. Crafting effective online marketing strategies has been my core competency for over a decade. Traditional marketing methods without a healthy dash of online strategy make for a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

Don't be 'sold' on SEO. Flashy reports, impassioned sales pitches and big-name client portfolios are nice, but shouldn't you be evaluating potential SEO firm on results? Everyone wants to be number 1, a minority of firms can deliver.

Search is who we I am and what I do. If you'd like to take a few minutes and talk with me about how I can enhance your online marketing efforts -- and rankings -- I'd love to chat.

Joey Burzynski