Founded in 2003 and launched in 2005, ResNexus has quickly become the innovation leader within the bed and breakfast lodging industry and a source of inspiration and revenue for bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels and lodges worldwide. ResNexus is the innovation leader in guest management, online bookings from your website, automated marketing, True Seamless GDS TM, Smart Minimum Nights TM and much much more.

Our goal from the start has been to elevate and educate the lodging industry and the results have been amazing! With almost 1000 inns using Reservation Nexus we've introduced some key innovations that have reshaped the lodging industry. Even when we embrace an existing technology or idea, we try to take it to a whole new level with our "fresh approach" mentality. We ask, "How should this really been done? Let's make this better and easier."

Reservation Nexus has the highest return on investment of any hotel software on the market. It pays for itself many times over each year even while you are sleeping. Reservation Nexus was the first to offer return on investment guarantees. You will always receive more money than you spend on Reservation Nexus , or it is free.


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