Resolve is a change and conflict resolution practice focused on helping individuals and organizations navigate the complex challenges and highly emotional context associated with interpersonal and workplace conflict.

Conflict Consulting Change causes conflict. Organizations who manage change and resolve conflict effectively, implement changes faster, realize ROI sooner and achieve greater sustainability. Managing organizational conflict remains one of the untapped, competitive frontiers in business today.

Conflict prevention, resolution and management strategies are embedded in your organization's competencies, structure and culture. Diagnosing the prevailing strategy in your organization and devising a plan to make it intentional, transforms it into a key strategic advantage.  

Constant Change is Business as Usual in Today's Competitive Organizations.

Resolve can support large scale organizational transitions by reducing conflict both before, during and after mergers/acquisitions, changes in leadership, re-organization, changes to business processes and technology implementations.

Providing the workforce with conflict resolution skills drives employee engagement , creativity and productivity.

Conflict Consulting allows for an assessment and customized approach to resolving workplace conflict and reducing the damage and expense resulting from poorly managed conflict. The unnecessary costs of ineffective conflict management strategies are too great to ignore.