At RESON, we talk about expedition-ready solutions. That means everything you need to get your expedition off the ground, keep it on track and return great results under almost any conditions.
Because once you’re at sea, there’s no turning back.
The success of your expedition depends largely on great planning. And that includes choosing the right RESON products and accessories. But that’s just the start.
To be truly expedition-ready, you have to be sure your system is installed and commissioned to perfection. And you should know how to squeeze every last drop of performance out of it.
Be expedition ready with RESON products, a full service package and a RESON crew ready to help you commission and install your gear.

RESON A/S is the holding company of the RESON Group. Corporate headquarter in Denmark. RESON subsidiaries are established in the USA, Singapore, UK, Germany, and Netherlands. In addition to these subsidiaries there are RESON representatives located in 25 countries.

RESON provides high quality standard tools for underwater acoustic applications and survey accuracy requirements.

Range of products covers digital multi-beam systems, (trademarked SeaBat), flexible single-beam sensors, (NaviSound), PDS software, technological systems for 3D data collection and visualization, high-power transducers, and precision reference hydrophones.

In the design and development of underwater acoustic equipment, RESON continuously strive to meet the still increasing requirements for fast mobilization, cost-effective survey performance, and high-quality operational capability.

Some of the core business areas include: Offshore oil-, and gas industries, marine research, hydrographic, and bathymetric surveyors, dredging operators, cable-laying companies, harbor construction companies, naval surveillance, and public environmental monitoring activities.

Sonar technology, dredge monitoring, software, transducers