Resonant Light Technology Inc. has been manufacturing some of the highest quality health and wellness products in the world for over 16 years.

All products are made at our facility in British Columbia, Canada, and exceed the highest North American standards.

Our products include:

The ProGen II is a frequency generator that compares to the average physiotherapist’s TENS machine like a Mercedes Benz compares to a Hyundai Pony – except when it comes to the price.  It pushes electrical frequencies to a wide variety of TENS-type accessories as well as to the PERL-M.

The PERL-M is a non-contact Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) device that incorporates Radio Frequency (RF) and light transmitted through a plasma tube.  Translated, that means the PERL-M emits the ProGen II’s frequencies in safe, non-contact 30-foot radius.  It is employed by home users, businesses, scientists, specialists, as well as in agricultural settings, for animal health and even in a high-end Chinese hospital.  Its uses are many, and include controlling viruses, harmful bacteria and mold, calming stressed animals, and even improving absorption of prescribed medicines.

The Pain Manager uses LED technology to reduce joint and muscle pain quickly, safely and easily.

The Acne Eliminator uses LED technology to control the bacteria that causes Acne Vulgaris below the skin, where it starts.  

The Colloidal Silver Maker enables users to make inexpensive, high quality colloidal silver from home.

Water Ionizers help the body absorb more water, and a hydrated body is a healthy body.