The words we stand by is Poverty makes Cent$. And Our mission is to not make its awareness known, because in fact it is an ongoing battle that is known but has never been addressed properly. There are cost efficient approaches that have never been determined and or tested and we will dedicate our time and efforts to go as far as we can in to succeeding this mission.

We have provided the information to many and it has been a great success each and every time! A Family on average saves 70% on everyday purchaces  with little effort. A combination of specific outlines for tis particular family will save several thousands of dollars each and every year, while strenghtening its relationships and in the end doing more not less!

The founder of this organization is originally fro Arthurdale, WV. Homestead of Elenor Roosevelt and her mission of establishing a few small communitys during the great depression. This was the" New Deal Project", and it too, was a great sucess. Not only were the familys out of poverty due to each ones individual contrubution  but they organized a complete community of various talents and skills to run this entire community basically of the land. The sold their own furniture, has superb craftsman, their own community farm, which now is "WV State Farm." etc.
" My grandfather Woody Knight" raised his entire family there and most of the grandchildren had the opportunity to live in a part of history." I have always sought out ways to help one another and now I feel as if I can help the communitys in trying to fight poverty, I am going to give it my best!"
-Andrea D. Jackson

For individuals the option to make a cash donation may not be an option due to the downturn in the economy. In fact donating your time to achieve an orginazations efforts is far more recoginized and valued than any monitary contribution could ever be. It takes the determination and dedication of its members and/or team.

There are many orginazations, schools & communitys that need that extra backbone to aid in its much needed  events, activities & campaigns that we have chosen to dedicate our time and efforts to many local and distant goals.

At this time we are seeking volunteers/donors to join The Community Resource Network with any of the listed projects and provide any assistance possible. You will be recognised in our "Hall of Fame" Among various press/media releases. We Thank You in advance for your time and efforts....because we are tomorrows future!