Respect The Creative is an exclusive look inside the minds of the best in music, art and entertainment. Forget fabricated conversations with artists only promoting new projects, or recycled interview questions, or worst of all... news stories that every blog features. That is not what we're about.

I don't want to talk so much about the "what", but I want to talk about the "why". The motivation behind the art. I want to highlight the beginnings, the interworkings of the minds and what truly sparks creativity.

I am just a man that wants to teach, and to learn from you. To share my thoughts, and hear yours. To agree, to argue, and to agree to disagree. I can't think of anything else clever to write here, but you get the point.

Creatives needed a voice. People with a passion needed an outlet to express themselves.

We are a community of multi-cultural people with diverse interests and goals, but one very noticeable similarity.

We all want to learn, we all want to grow, we all want to become.

We are not a blog, we are not the news.

We use editorial, video, audio and social media to tell this story, build this community, and Respect The Creative.