RES Phorensics - Forensic Data Recovery And Web Solutions.

RES Phorensics is a tech consultancy like no other. Here's your opoortunity to find out who we are and how we can help you and your business.

RES Phorensics recover intellectual property and key business data held on your network which you can your  longer access  either due to a network problem, software problem or accidential deletion.

We can carry this out remotely wherever in the world you are located and we use the strongest security protocols to make sure the data recovery process is secure.

We also recover log on passwords, document passwords from word processing documents, spreadsheets in a wide variety of formats etc.

Whether your data is held on a network, individual computer and portable storage media such as memory sticks, cards and Blu Ray, HD DVD etc RES Phorensics recover it.

We can also recover backup passwords from a number backup solutions including Microsfoft, Veritas etc

We also provide security investigations in industrial espionage cases.

In addition to forensics arm, RES Phorensics develop the most secure and responsive e-commerce websites using PHP, MySQL, HTML 5 and CSS3 programming techniques to power your own custom website or portfolio of website Content Management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo etc; Ecommerce engines like Magento, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Wordpress etc.

We deploy PHP, HTML 5, CSS3 etc programming techniques to deliver the most secure and highest quality responsive websites with a secure backbone to store your client data.

We can also develop solutions to make sales forecasts and open new markets based on your client data.

The rewards for your business of deploying our Solutions:

Reliability - Quality and consistency ensured.
Flexibility - Tweak the functionalities whenever & however needed.
Accountability - Providing solutions to critical challenges.
Free from limitations - Uncountable alternatives to match diverse requisites.

RES Phorensics provide your business(es) with solutions you need to take you to the top.