We have been operating many years in the restoration industry handling everything from water, mold, fire and construction build backs.

Working in the field and using hand written forms or scope sheets fell far from being fast and easy to use. A number of other estimating programs were hard to use and difficult to master. After a long hard day's work, the last thing we wanted to do was spend many more hours in the office trying to create a professional looking estimate or invoice. Carrying around folders with various legal forms was just not the complete package we were looking for. We really wanted an "all in one" program that could be completed at the job site. After searching and struggling for a number of years for a better way, it became clear that once again necessity would become the mother of invention. We decided to design a program that was surprisingly just not available and especially not to the extent that we had envisioned.

A great deal of time and planning went into creating a program where everything that was back at the office could now be accessed from your mobile device. All necessary forms such as cover sheets, legal forms, estimates, invoices, summary forms, moisture maps, psychometric reports, photo forms and many more advancements are now available at your fingertips.

We provide you with all the required standard legal forms. This includes, work authorization & direct payment request forms, anti-microbial authorization forms, work stoppage forms and certificate of completion forms. There are legal notices on these forms that can be used, edited, or deleted and replaced with your own notices. It is always recommended to seek legal advice for all legal notices due to each state may have different laws. Electronic signatures can be obtained on your tablet, laptop or desktop.

We have over 13,000 Craftsman Book Company line items with pricing included. Our program has area modifiers which control pricing by adjusting to each individual jobs zip code in the United States and Canada. We also knew that many of our clients would want to input their own price lists from other sources. So, we added a major feature where the user can now add as many line items and pricing to their company's database as they wish. Next, we created a favorite's line items list for each user. This lets you choose frequently used line items to be placed in your favorite's list. You can now also arrange your list in any order that you wish. For example, on a typical water loss Category 2, you could build your estimate in this order. Water extraction category 2, baseboard removal, carpet removal, pad removal, tack strip removal, antimicrobial and then your drying equipment. This is a common order of remediation and with our system it makes building an invoice and adding line items remarkably fast.

The invoice package includes the ability to add up to 24 photos for each job that are converted to a PDF. When you complete and estimate or invoice you have the ability to email or print it as one complete package. The insurance adjuster and or the insured person will be very impressed with how professional your invoice package looks.

We also included a diagram drawing tool. This is one of the very few web based drawing tools out there. Adding equipment icons to your diagrams lets you show quantity and placement. Visual icons are a great new way to further document your water loss to the insurance companies.

It was extremely important that our program was user friendly and lightning fast and we have created just that. We present to you a digital solution that will assist you in improving your speed and accuracy on estimating and invoicing. A new powerful way to access and see everything in a "all in one" program that gives you the ability to increase your overall invoice totals and never leave money on the table again. You will soon realize just how important this program can seriously impact your business. The complete package finally exists. You will now save valuable time which will allow you to have more personal time.

We truly care about our clients and encourage new ideas and we will always have an open forum for an ever improving product.