Free Evaluation

For a limited time, the expert editors at Resume Scenario will offer a free resume evaluation to job seekers seeking to gain an added advantage over the competition. We will review your current resume against a career management worksheet and make suggestions that will positively impact the chances that your resume will be viewed by decision makers.

Our Base Service – Quality, Professional Resume Consulting Services
Resumes are essentially self marketing campaigns designed to catch the eyes of potential employers by showcasing an applicant's experience and skills in the most effective way.

While there are many blunders that job applicants commonly commit, using the same generic unfocused resume for every application is by far the biggest mishap. Employers can easily tell when an applicant has used a cookie-cutter, one size fits all template. This is almost always interpreted negatively as employers will view the applicant as unmotivated and unenthusiastic.

Resume Scenario is a service that remedies this problem. We help clients craft unique resumes, cover letters, and supporting documentation for up to four opportunities for which the client wishes to apply for. This attention to detail is easily recognizable to employers and will greatly increase the applicant's chances for serious consideration.


For many, job hunting is an arduous task that few enjoy. Many find the process daunting and emotionally and physically draining. We understand the pressures of this process and are here to assist in a professional yet compassionate manner. Our counselors are all experts in the field of human resource management and all have firsthand knowledge of current practices in the industry. We are certain that our service will positively impact the way your resume is viewed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Not only do we help clients craft amazing position specific resumes, we also - as part of, the client's personalized marketing campaign, provide customized assistance in the following areas:
•     Position Targeting (Selecting Best Opportunities For Application Submission)
•     Gathering and Organizing Resume Facts
•     The Do's and Don'ts of Resume Writing
•     Resume Remedies
•     Keyword Targeting
•     Highlighting Transferable Skills
•     Resume Marketing
•     Online Profile
•     How to Best Present the Resume
•     Internet Usage

Recruiters and Hiring Managers can easily tell when a generalized resume has been submitted. A professionally done resume and cover letter that is specifically tailored for each and every opportunity will show the reviewer that you are detail oriented and have the transferable skills that particular employer seeks.

At Resume Scenario, our expert editors will craft and arrange 5 separate resumes. The first resume will be a master resume and will serve as a base template for four “functional” resumes. Functional resumes are resumes that are specific to a specific function. For example, someone with a finance degree might want to have several resumes prepared.

One resume could be targeted to investment banking, another for asset management and yet another for sales and marketing at an investment bank. Clients will choose the four functional areas they wish to have a resume and cover letter set crafted for.

Cover letters help tell your story and are a vital part of the application packet. Unless stated, you should always include one with your resume.

We will create a new cover letter for each of the functional areas you select. We optimize each and every cover letter so that it fully compliments and completes the accompanying resume. When crafted correctly, the cover letter can be used not only to express interest in a particular position, but also to convey pertinent information not addressed on the resume. When read together, a resume and cover letter should leave the reader wanting to interview the applicant. We are confident in our ability to not only craft amazing cover letters, but letters of intent that allow the client to positively stand out amongst a sea of similarly qualified applicants.