Automate your industry with one solution.

With Retailgear you can create your own value network. Provide the engine for retailers and suppliers to connect with each other. Shared processes are automated, while each company retains its independence and can continue to distinguish itself from the competition. For example, you let work evaporate with the shared product database.

Give suppliers the possibility to support their dealers and give them real-time insight into stock level and sales at the shops. The supplier can make product information available and easily create orders for his dealers (based on minimum stock and sales).

Give retailers the ability to easily book products from the central database and let them show inventory real-time on the website. Furthermore, give retailers the option to build and maintain their webshop in the websitebuilder and let them share real-time data with their suppliers.

Be the administrator of the value network and generate recurring sales from retailers and suppliers. Integrate your own software or third party systems. You can also resell the integrated cash register and websitebuilder.

Retailgear can be easily integrated with your own applications and hosted on its own server. By applying Single sign-on (SSO) and your own branding, you offer retailers the complete experience. Furthermore, you can build your own software on our boilerplates.