Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) turns daily POS data into opportunity – online, in the store, and on the shelf. Designed to automate the path to purchase, drive value across the supply chain and ensure measurement of store-level impact, RSi's proprietary algorithms, suite of intelligent, cloud-based applications, and digital-to-store ROI platform help the world's leading consumer goods manufacturers listen and respond quickly to consumer demand – ensuring the right product is in the right store, at the right time. Each day, RSi processes billions of records from over 120 major retailers, in more than 150,000 locations throughout the world, and turns the data into actionable insights for immediate decision-making. From solving out-of-stocks and identifying inaccuracies in the supply chain, to optimizing and measuring digital marketing efforts with ansa, RSi maximizes product availability, uncovers new business opportunities and drives sales. The company is trusted by more than 500 global CPG companies including household names such as Colgate-Palmolive, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble. You can find RSi's ansa inside top ad networks and digital marketing platforms including MaxPoint, OwnerIQ and News America Marketing. To learn more about the company, visit: http://www.retailsolutions.com