Founded in late 2008, Retain More Customers, Inc. (RMC) was started to serve small and medium sized businesses, their leaders, and their owners with the tools, techniques, and skill sets to preserve their most precious asset and reason for existence, their customers.

Using simple, yet tried and true methods, RMC shows its customers how to nurture relationships and grow them into something that is beneficial for both parties. Whether you own a hardware store, an insurance agency, a real estate company, a beauty salon, or a tool and die company, Retain More Customers can help you enhance your customer relationships, add more value, and make more money.

Few companies and even fewer products focus exclusively on helping a company keep its clients or customers, but Retain More Customers, Inc does!

Some studies suggest that a 5% improvement in customer retention can result in a profit increase of between 25-85%.

Using the Retain More Customers, Inc System, you can achieve these same results.

Retain More Customers, Add More Value. Keep More Customers. Make More Money.