The Art of RetroCollage creates and sells original artwork by Eric Edelman and Ziva. There are galleries for florals, vintage engravings, digital collages, pentagram designs, and technology, old and new.

The artwork is available in a wide range of sizes, on canvas or archival paper, or as notecards.  Framing can be included.

Eric Edelman is a collagist and found-object sculptor living in New York City. He has exhibited at the Philoctetes Center, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Arts Club, Long Island University, and various private galleries.

His work is represented in several private and institutional collections and has appeared in the books The Art of the Miniature and Genius in a Bottle, as well as the monograph “Eric Edelman Collages the Unconscious.“

He draws material for artwork from his personal collections, which include wood engravings, shells, bones, compasses, wooden shapes, porcelain doll parts, game pieces, machine parts, bottles, pins, toys, and pentagonal objects.