This new book reveals the secret to Ford’s dramatic turnaround and details how the same innovative leadership principles can be used to restore America to greatness. Clifton Lambreth and Patrick Doyle, long-time Ford employees, together with Mary Calia, tell the inspirational story of Ford’s emergence from the threshold of imminent bankruptcy. Written with a clear bird’s-eye view of corporate America, and a love for America herself, Return to Greatness will inspire readers all across the country to recapture the visionary drive our forefathers had for our great nation, and help restore the American Dream.

Inside Look | The Ford Turn-Around

Return to Greatness is more than an intimate look at the events culminating in the reemergence of Ford as a leader in the American Automotive Industry. Its time-honored principles are the very keys to drive the American Dream itself. Ford, as one of the companies designated “too big to fail,” demonstrates how this incredible turnaround effort was achieved without even a penny from American taxpayers.

This book will inspire every American, whether they’re corporate executives, managers, or just entering the workforce. It’s not just a book about leadership, it’s a book about the essence of the American Dream.
Book Summary

Return to Greatness is much more than an inspiring turn-around story at Ford. It’s a timely warning about the present state of our great nation and the American Dream. This new book guides you on a compelling journey where you begin to realize the painful truth about the turmoil and uncertainty we face today as Americans. Return to Greatness will make you ponder this question: Is America in the midst of permanent decline, or will we remember the noble and fundamental principles of our Founders that have stood the test of time, making America truly exceptional?

As the ghosts of some of our country’s most cherished minds return to share their timeless wisdom and help illuminate Ford’s “return to greatness,” you wonder if Ford’s leadership example will inspire something much larger — a movement to return America to the greatness it once enjoyed.