Reveller Records offers new visions, new voices and a new vantage point to the indie perspective and the music collective as a whole. With headquarters in New York and Berlin, we are a an independent label designed to reveal widely diverse musical talent consisting of an international family of artists. Managed by a host of professionals with over 30 years of entertainment industry experience, we pool our skills and resources to bring organic, raw music the way it’s meant to be heard.

We are not glued to just one genre. Our mission is to share music from Electronic genres that bring funky vibes and bassy grooves AND other more experimental works that also include voice, live instrumentation and ambient wonders.  Our mission is to create community and support music lovers in celebrating every moment.  

With an innovative and creative work concept – "We maintain an artist collective concept in business. The aim is to create community with the spirit of inclusion with our parties." , explains Sky Deep. Reveller's intention is to transcend boundaries while making you dance.