The ETF Market
The exchange traded fund concept is emerging as the fastest-growing segment of the financial services sector. Investors are moving assets into ETFs at the expense of both mutual funds and separate account management, according to several media reports.

Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs
Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted Strategy ETFs are unique to the market. All of our ETFs are based on the same fundamental factor: revenue. We believe by applying the revenue weighted methodology to known indices such as the S&P 500, investors may improve their exposure to the market. Revenue weighting, unlike market capitalization, aims to lower exposure to overvalued companies, while still maintaining broad diversification.
Revenue is the basis for our methodology as we believe revenue is a key indicator of a company's value. Having revenue as our fundamental metric gives all of our ETFs a rules-based, disciplined approach not easily manipulated or influenced by market emotionality.
More information on our innovative approach to the ETF market can be found in our company overview in the "About Us" tab.

Our ETFs
OppenheimerFunds currently has eight different ETFs. Each takes a known index and re-weights the constituents by revenue. Seven of the funds are part of our exclusive partnership with Standard & Poor; the eighth is a Navellier index.
For specific data on each fund, see the tabs below.