To increase the impact that organizations have on society and the economy by assisting them to develop healthy, strategic, and sustainable proposals and initiatives.

Revgen Solutions is dedicated to providing professional planning services that assist organizations with the development and improvement of effective and sustainable efforts to achieve their project goals.

Revgen Solutions LLC is a planning and consulting agency located in Connecticut. The legal entity was formed in 2016 however the CEO, Chris Bouchard, has been working as an independent grant writer and consultant since his transition from behavioral services in 2012. Revgen Solutions LLC is a Business Member of the American Grant Writer’s Association and the National Association of the Self-Employed.

The CEO of Revgen Solutions LLC, Chris Bouchard, previously worked in the social service field as a case manager and transitional housing coordinator. Although his career brought him to many networking opportunities, when he was asked to write a proposal to a small foundation, it was a huge surprise. He had always loved writing and of course, he was eager to help.
After he successfully secured his first grant award, Chris knew there was nothing more that he wanted to do with his life than to help people get the money they need and deserve, to give people a second chance, and to inspire positive change.
Shortly after, Chris left his long standing position in social services to open his own transitional living center, the Concept Program. As the Executive Director, he was responsible for the daily operation and management of the program yet he continued to work part-time as a grant consultant until 2013 when he realized he could no longer ignore histrue passion.
Christ Bouchard is a Certified Grant Writer® with the American Grant Writer’s Association and he has worked on hundreds of projects for non-profit and business organizations around the world. In 2016, Revgen Solutions was built on that foundation of success and ethical practices, and driven with the same passion and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.