Review Intelligence is broken into three different divisions:

1) Review and Comparison Web Sites. We provide an important resource for consumers and business looking to make informed buying decisions. Consumers and business owners need a trustworthy and neutral platform to share and post reviews. We provide expert resources and verified reviews to help you make smarter buying decisions.

2) Online Review Community. We have a created an engagement platform so brands can reach out to their customers to meet their needs quickly. We give brands an opportunity to promote positive customer reviews while being able to quickly capture and react to the negative experiences and increase their ratings.

3) Crowd Funding: We give customers an opportunity to share their business vision with investors. We create a platform where an entrepreneur can publish their business idea, target an audience to help create pre-campaign publicity, and raise funds and grow communities with crowdfunding campaigns.

Review Intelligence provides that medium while delivering slick and humorous blog content to keep our visitors coming back.