Revo Baby was founded in 2006 on a shoestring budget by a single father raising
his infant baby boy. The inspiration came from dad's own revolutionary principals coupled with baby's rebellious nature. The designs are based entirely on original concepts as thought up by dad and are meant to express a light-hearted, witty and child-like response to the heavy and dismal political times we live.

The Revo Baby line is a work in progress. Thanks to our angel investors, we've been able to develop the line a little further and create a unique product of cool baby clothes and truly revolutionary baby attire. We've recently begun manufacturing our own t-shirts and have taken the brand a step further towards our eventual goal.

Like a baby, we have gone from laying flat on our backs, to crawling, and now finally standing on our own two feet. For the 2008 season, we hope to start walking, by further enhancing our offerings to include more products, designs and size variations.