Our mission is to bring new technology to the market through inventions and products that people actually need and want to use. The Revocharge team is comprised of thinkers and doers who work together cohesively to turn our bright ideas into your bright future.
About Us

Cemal Samsilova is the Founder and CEO of the Revocharge patent-pending smartphone case that allows users to sync and charge their phones whenever and wherever they want. Revocharge is designed to fit iPhone’s and Androids, and has received full Made for iPhone (MFI) certification.

The Revocharge case is ultra-thin, yet remarkably durable, and connects to the Revocharge charge and sync universal mount, allowing users to sync and charge their phones at their desk, in their cars, or in the middle of nowhere.

Built with Autosense technology, Revocharge adjusts to a device’s needs, meaning it can provide optimum charging, no matter what the device.
Born from innovation

Revocharge was born from the imagination and ingenuity of Samsilova. With experience working for Lockheed Martin and IBM, Samsilova has long been exposed to environments that fostered creativity, technology and innovation.

Samsilova decided it was time to use his valuable experience to work, and began creating the foundations for Revocharge.
The creation of Revocharge

While Samsilova has brainstormed and created other innovative and useful products and tools, Revocharge is particularly near and dear to his heart.

“Samsilova was tired of having to stay connected to cables and cords in order to avoid being disconnected from friends, family, and colleagues.”

Like most 21st century people, Samsilova finds himself on the road often. And like most people, he gets frustrated at how often his phone is low on battery .. or even dead. Outlets aren’t always nearby. Cords and cables break, or lost or even stolen. In an ever-growing mobile world, it dawned on Samsilova that his smartphone wasn’t really all that mobile.

Missed calls. Lost photo ops at family gatherings. Missing out on what mattered most in his life. Finally, Samsilova had enough.

But what could he do?

There had to be a way for him to remain connected to the important people and moments in his life, without having to remain connected to cables or cords.

After thorough research, Samsilova realized the tool he needed wasn’t on the market. So he did what any innovator does – he got to work inventing it.

Samsilova’s goal was to create a power source that lasted long enough – no matter the smartphone – and could be reused over, and over again.
Enter Revocharge

Revocharge is a patent-pending smartphone case that allows users to sync and charge their phones whenever and wherever they want. Connecting to a universal mount through the power of magnets, Revocharge is easy to attach, and detach, to your desk mount, car mount, arm band or belt clip.

It’s designed to make it easy for users to take their iPhone’s or Androids with them, anywhere in the world, without ever having to worry about losing battery power or data. Simply attach the Revocharge battery to the back of your case, and your phone will receive a full charge – at optimum speed, without your ever having to touch a cable.

And thanks to a micro USB input built into the Revocharge case, you can easily sync data (like music and apps) while charging your battery and phone).
Stay connected while your phone’s disconnected

When you think about it, mobile phones aren’t so mobile. These days, smartphones eat up battery power faster than their archaic predecessors, meaning unless you’re near a power source, you could likely go the bulk of the day without “plugging in.”

With Revocharge, you never have to worry about plugging in again. Connect your smartphone to your Revocharge battery pack, and give your smartphone its second wind, and a new lease on life.