Rewheel is a highly specialized telecommunications management consulting firm.

Rewheel was founded by seasoned telecom management consultants with the mission to help their Clients (which are primarily mobile network operators but also some other key players of the industry) in addressing their profitability challenges faced in the era of the mobile broadband. The firm’s core expertise lies in their ability to pull together technology, market analysis, infrastructure supply chain management and financial competences and teams.

Thanks to their proven integrated profitability analysis and business case modeling methodology and software platform Rewheel can apply a highly structured approach to frame complex strategic questions related to coverage and capacity investments, technology modernization, vendor selections, network sharing, spectrum strategy, 2G network phase out, retail and wholesale service segmentation & pricing, acquisition & retention expenditure optimization as well as traffic shaping & policy control.

Rewheel is proud to have earned the trust and satisfaction of leading corporations such as Vodafone, Camiant and the UBS investment bank.