Reyactive LLC is a brand new firm that uses applied Competitive Intelligence to offer new products and services that meet unique opportunities or threats that ordinarily would not have been identified by normal business activities.

At Reyactive we have concentrated on developing our services and products with a win-win-win principle in mind. Our suppliers, clients, and company should all feel that they get real value from any product or service we provide. That's why we focused our initial product and service offerings on these 5 key areas:

1) Business Self Defense Seminars. In an era when organized crime, disgruntled former employees, street crooks, con artists, hackers and foreign agents are actively targeting businesses around the world for fraud, sabotage and identity theft, companies need to know what the major threats are and how to protect their staff and their bottom line. Our seminars are designed to give real tools to help identify key threats and harden your defenses so that your firm becomes a less desirable target for attacks.

2) Authors' Services. Our unique publishing and business book selling plan almost guarrantees our authors will end up with a best seller and national exposure. We have identified unique sales opportunities that help our resellers improve their revenue results dramatically while getting the volume sales of books that our authors need to achieve their goals.

3) Marketing and Social Media Consulting. Among all the voices out there offering social media and marketing expertise, Reyactive uses Competitive Intelligence to find SM and marketing opportunities that no one else sees coming. It gives you an edge that none of your competitors can claim.

4) Frequent Flier Advantage. A lot of business travelers are missing out on massive amounts of award miles, free trips, cost savings, and fundamental comforts because they don't know how to work the system well enough. Reyactive teaches and publishes weekly so that customers save literally thousands or tens of thousands on travel, and make more money on their trips in much greater comfort.

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, products or services, please call 623-252-4489 or email