RHI Ltd supplies solar energy and energy efficiency equipment through specialised leases with payments based upon either the 'free' energy from the sun or the energy saved.

RHI Ltd had offices in UK, USA, China and Australia.  

RHI has three divisions: Energy, Biotech and Services

RHI has developed a unique wireless energy management system called Solar Savers.  This allows RHI of offer free solar energy and other energy saving devices without cost to clients.  For solar energy equipment all leases are based upon the amount of free energy captured from the sun. In the case of energy efficiency equipment the lease is based upon the energy savings.

RHI Energy  
Supplies and finances alternative energy systems and energy efficient products. These include solar hot water systems and  lights.

Raleigh Holdings International LLC  
Based in Santa Clara, California produces software that simplifies medical administration.
Medi2 can save up to 90% on administration costs.

RHI Services  
Simplifies efficiency through sharing real-time information between business partners using Internet-based technologies.
Products include TinyERP and TrixBox PBX systems.